Afterlife The Game

Afterlife The Game is an amazing arcade game in sun unblocked games. According to the story of Afterlife The Game, your character have progressed through life, and now your character eventually passed on. However, there is a problem, your character is stuck in the afterlife as a ghost. Your mission is to help your character to accomplish many missions in the game. 

How To Play Afterlife The Game

When you start the game, you will face with the first challenge. As the first challenge, you need to control your ghost character through the path without touching the strange objects. In order to make this ghost character fly up a little, you should click the left mouse button.

After you reach  the end of this path, you will see the second challenge. As the second challenge, you need to protect your alive wife from dangers such as knives, ninjas, darts and porcupines. After that, as the third challenge, you need to take revenge on your boss, and as the fourth challenge, you need to help your son play a game.