Basketball Legends

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4th and Goal

Basketball Legends

If you like basketball and you do not have enough time to create your team, Basketball Legends is here, in sun unblocked games, for you! In this wonderful sports game, you will play with the legends of basketball. You will select NBA teams and NBA players. Also, you will be able to perform great shots and form strategies to win the matches. 

The Legends Of Basketball Is Here

In this sports game, one of unblocked games, you can choose one of 15 NBA teams and play with one of them. Some of them are Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland, Trail Blazers, Rokets, San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors. 

How To Play Basketball Legends

The game controls for the first player is the V, D, W, A, S and B keys whereas the game controls for the second player are the Arrow keys, K and L keys. 

  • A and D keys or Left and Right Arrow: You should use the A and Left Arrow to move your player left. You should use the D and Right Arrow to move your player right. In order to make your player run faster, you should press one of these keys twice. 
  • S key and Down Arrow: For bump, you should use one of the S key and Down Arrow.
  • W key and Up Arrow: For jumping, you should press one of the W key and Up Arrow.
  • B key and L key: You should use one of the B key and L key in order to make a regular shot.
  • K key and V key: You should press one of the K key and V key in order to make a super shot.

Playing Modes Of Basketball Legends

In this game, there are 3 playing options. These options are quick match mode, 2 player mode and 1 player mode. Besides that, the 1 player mode contains the random match option, training option and tournament option.