Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja is an interesting and difficult action game in sun unblocked games. In this action game, your mission is to collect the crystals by staying away from sharp objects and deadly lasers. During the game, there will be different buttons, switches and other triggers to each the finish line alive. 

How To Play Cat Ninja

In Cat Ninja, you can use the R and Arrow keys or W, D, S, A keys as the game controls. You can move your character by using either the A and D keys or the Left and Right Arrow keys. Also, you can press either the Up Arrow key or the W key to make your character jump whereas you can press one of them twice to make your character perform a double jump. Besides that, you can break buttons by pressing the Down Arrow key or the S key while holding the Up Arrow key or the W key. Finally, you can use the R key to restart the game.