Earn to Die

If you need to race a little bit, here is a fantastic racing game for you, Earn to Die! The theme of this racing game is zombie survival and desert. Depending on the game story, you are in the middle of desert that are full of zombies. These zombies are coming to eat you alive. When you start to think why my life is terrible, you see a helicopter, a hope to survive, at the end of the desert. Hence, your purpose in the game is to reach the helicopter in order to get only chance to escape from the desert with zombies.   

How To Play Earn to Die

In order to start the game, you should select one of available vehicles after clicking on the “New Game” button. If this is your first time in Earn to Die, you will be able to select only first vehicle, small hatchback, depending on the amount of your money. However, you do not need to worry about it because other locked car will be available for you after completing some levels and earn much money. By using your money, you can not only buy new cars but also purchase upgrades about some car parts such as wheels, engine, fuel tank and transmissions. Furthermore, you can customize your current car by purchasing a weapon and a boost.     

If you select your vehicle, and you are done with customizing it, the fantastic race, Earn to Die, starts. The game controls are the Arrow keys and X key in this one of unblocked games. 

  • Down Arrow: For brake, you should press this key.
  • Up Arrow: For acceleration, you should press this one.
  • Left Arrow: For tilting your car to left, you should use this one.
  • Right Arrow: For tilting your car to right, you should press this one.
  • X: After purchasing a boost, you should press this key in order to use it.