G-Switch 2

G-Switch 2 is a fun race and platform game in sun unblocked games. In G-Switch 2, you will try to be a gravity master who can control the direction of the gravity force by using special big shoes. Besides that, you will try to run away your pursuer. As you can see this is going to be rare race. 

How To Play G-Switch 2

During the game, your character runs automatically, you will just make your character to flip the direction of gravity force. For this special ability, each player should use one unique key. This key is the X key for the first player while it is the M key for the second player. Besides that, the third player should use the Right Arrow, the fourth player should use the A key, the fifth player should use the Ctrl key and finally, the sixth player should use the 3 number key to flip the direction of gravity.