When you hear the “western” word, I think the first thing that unconsciously comes to your mind is duel. Do you want to be in the western world and fight a duel? Do not worry about the flight tickets! The only thing that you should do is to play Gunblood, an amazing western shooting game. In the game, one of unblocked games, your purpose is to kill all of your opponents in order to be the most famous gunslinger. 

During the game, there will be lots of one on one gun fights. If you want to accomplish your purpose, you should use your gun as quickly as possible and shoot all opponents before being shot. Do not forget when you fail at doing this, you will die and lose the game. 

How To Play Gunblood

When you start the game by clicking the start game button on the game’s main menu, you will see that you have 10 different cowboy options. After choosing one of these 10 options, you are ready for the western bloody duels. If you place your mouse over the gun chamber in the bottom left corner, the countdown will start. Then, you should wait for 3 seconds, and after seeing the fire sign, you should quickly fire your gun. 

Some Advices About Gunblood

  • The most critical point about Gunblood is you should continue to shoot even if you are shot. There is no need to give up after taking a bullet. You can still return fire, and also inflict the opponents.
  • You should aim the chest of your opponent. This may make his or her drop. When you aim and achieve to shoot a bit high, it may be better because it is a headshot. 
  • You may have some bonus rounds that contain assistants. Thus, you should be very careful about avoiding shooting one of them.