Happy Room

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Happy Room

Sun unblocked games presents another game which is similar with Happy Wheels. Here is Happy Room with you! We can honestly say that this experimental game is like a version of Happy Wheels in a room because the gameplays of these two games are very similar. Although both of them have gameplay, they have different missions. In this experimental game, your mission is to torture a rag doll by using a variety of traps. This means that you will see many bloody and violent scenes, so this is a warning for you. If you have no tolerance for that, you should find another game to play. Do not worry about that because there are many types of games for you in sun unblocked games.

There will be lots of tasks for you during playing Happy Room. You can achieve these tasks by following carefully the in-game instructions. At the very beginning of the game, you will be able to use the traps from only four categories. In order to use these traps, you should purchase them. This means that you need to earn money to buy traps and weapons. You can earn money by completing the tasks and causing more damages. After you complete some levels and progress, you will be able to not only unlock new weapons, traps and skins but also buy some special items including saw and piranhas. Moreover, you will be able to purchase different types of melee, explosives and guns. 

How To Play Happy Room

In order to choose one from many weapons and traps and place it in the game field, you should generally use the left mouse button. When you finish to place the traps and weapon, in order to make the rag doll fall, you should press the “Play” button on the bottom right corner of the game screen. Besides that, you should click on the numbers which are next to the “Play” button to control the speed of the experiment. These numbers are 2, 1, 0.5 and 0.25. when your experiment finishes, you should press the “Stop” button to clean the room and prepare it for the next experiment.