Hungry are the Dead

Hungry Are The Dead is a zombie defence game in sun unblocked game. In this defence game, you will control a cop, and you will try to protect a barn from zombies by controlling this cop. In order to hold on, you should kill waves and waves of zombies. 

In this game, you can earn money while killing the incoming zombies. You should use the money to purchase upgrades such as grenade, gun capacity and gun power. With these upgrades, you can make your defence better. 

How To Play Hungry Are The Dead

In Hungry Are The Dead, you can use the space bar and your mouse as the game controls. First of all, you need to take a bullet by clicking on the bullets in front of you in order to use your gun. After loading your gun, you should move your mouse in order to aim the zombies. Then, you should use the left mouse button to fire your gun. Moreover, you can throw a grenade to the zombies by holding the space bar and then clicking the left mouse button.