Mario Combat Deluxe

Mario Combat Deluxe is a Super Mario based fighting game. It is also one of unblocked games in sun unblocked games. As you can guess easily you will control our Italian plumber guy, Mario, in this awesome fighting game. I think that at least once you have played a Mario game, so you have known him. According to his story, Mario is an Italian plumber and he resides in Mushroom Kingdom. He need to defeat all enemies on his path and reach the castle at the end of the each level. You need to help him to do these ın the game.

The gameplay of Mario Combat Deluxe is similar with other Mario games, but the game graphics was changed. This is not good for old Mario fans because there is no old style pixel graphics at all. However, new graphics are quite appealing for twentieth century children. Aside from improved graphics, the game offers new moves and combos. 

How To Play Mario Combat Deluxe

The game controls are the S, A, D, Right Arrow, Left Arrow and Down Arrow. The Right and Left Arrows allow you to move Mario to right and left side of the game screen. Besides that, you should use the Down Arrow for crouching. You can make Mario jump by using the A key whereas you can make Mario attack by pressing the S key. Finally, you can make him perform special attack by using the D key.  

Advices About Mario Combat Deluxe

By using some massive combos, you may be able to boost up your score. In order to experience these massive combos, you should use different combinations of the D and S keys. Moreover, you can create different combos by using the combinations of the S key and Down Arrow and the combinations of the D key and Down Arrow. Besides all of those, you need to know that sometimes you will confront with huge holes, so you will need to perform super wall jumps. If you want to perform a super wall jump, you should press the A key twice.