Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 is one of amazing racing game in sun unblocked games. This game contains lots of challenging traps and obstacles. As you progress throughout the levels, you will see they become more challenging. Therefore, if you like challenge, this game is really good for you! Like all other racing game, your mission is to make your character to reach the finish line before others. 

How To Play Moto X3M 2

The game controls are either the W, A, S, D keys or the Arrow keys in Moto X3M 2. As you can accelerate your bike by using one of the Up Arrow and W keys, you can decelerate your bike by using one of the Down Arrow and S keys. Also, you can use one of the Left Arrow and A keys to tilt the left, and you can use one of the Right Arrow and D keys to tilt the right.