My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is an action game in sun unblocked games. In My Friend Pedro, you will have a helper that is a banana. The name of this banana is Pedro. You and Pedro need to help your character kill all bad guys. 

How To Play My Friend Pedro

The game controls are the Shift, space bar, P, A, W, D, S, number keys and left mouse button. As you know, the A and D keys are movement controls. Besides that, you can use the W key for jumping and you can use the S key for crouching. If you want to play the game in slow motion mode, you can hold on either the Shift key or the space bar. 

Moreover, the number keys allows you to change your weapons whereas the R key let you reload your weapon. Also, you can control your weapon by moving the mouse. When you want to pause the game, you can press the P key.