Offroad Madness 3

Offroad Madness 3 is one of addictive racing games in sun unblocked games. In this racing game, the vehicles and game environments are selectable. The game offers 10 different game environments. These are New York, Sydney, Dubai, Cairo, New Delphi, Vancouver, Bangkok, Rio De Janeiro, Hanoi and Hong Kong. Furthermore, the game provides 4 different types of vehicles. These vehicles are Mur-Box Nation, Sword Z-560, Sky VX and SMS Speedzone.

How To Play Offroad Madness 3

The game controls are the space bar and Arrow keys in Offroad Madness 3. You can move your vehicle backward and forward by pressing the Down and Up Arrow keys. Moreover, you can lean forward by using the Right Arrow whereas you can lean backward by using the Left Arrow. Finally, you can press the space bar in order to use the nitro.