Papa’s Scooperia

Do you want to be in a charge of ice cream cookie sundae shop? For the players whose answers are yes, here is Papa’s Scooperia in sun unblocked games. According to the story of this enjoyable game, you are a real traveler, and you lose all of your money while traveling. Then, you are stuck in Onion Town with no money. If you want to go home back, you need to earn some money. Luck you, Papa Louie offers you a job to work his ice cream cookie sundae shop. If you feel ready, lets take a look at the job requirements!

How To Play Papa’s Scooperia

In Papa’s Scooperia, one of unblocked games, there are 4 stations. These 4 stations are the Order Station, Dough Station, Bake Station and Build Station. After choosing one from two character options that are Carlo Romano and Koilee or creating your character by selecting character’s gender, skin color, eye height, mouth look, height, posture and etc, you will start the game in the Order Station. In the Order Station, you will take orders of your customers by using the left mouse button. 

After taking an order, you should go to the Dough Station by clicking on the Dough Station button. In the Dough Station, you will start forming a dough ball by choosing one from many bins depending on the order. Then, you need to choose and use one of four chip options. After forming the dough ball depending the order, you should go to the Bake Station by clicking the Bake Station button. In the Bake Station, you should drag the dough ball into the oven in order to start baking. After baking the cookie, you should go to the Build Station by clicking on the Build Station button. In the Build Station, you should add ice cream, peanuts, syrup an chocolate depending on the order.