Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7

Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7 is based on an endless fight of humans and zombies. This means that here is a fight of living and dead! In this game, you need to first choose your side, and then you should fight for your beliefs. 

How To Play Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7

In Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7, the game controls are the Tab, R, C, Shift, Ctrl, T, P, space bar, Enter, 1 to 6 number keys, movement keys and left mouse button. While you can use the left mouse button for using your weapon, you can use movement keys that are the W, D, S, A keys for moving your character. Also, you can use the R key for reloading your weapon and the Tab key for opening the game menu or pausing the game. 

Moreover, you can make your character to crouch by using the C key whereas you can make your character to run by using the Shift key. The Ctrl key is to prone, the T key is to chat and the P key is to play the game in fullscreen. If you want to make your character to jump, you can use the space bar. Finally, you can send a message to other players by pressing the Enter key.