Plants vs Zombies

Here is one of unblocked games in sun unblocked games, Plants vs Zombies! It is an exciting tower defence game. Depending on its story, your beautiful home is under zombie attack. During the gameplay, you will try to deal with wave and wave of zombies in order to protect your home. In order to achieve that, you should use lots of plants in your front yard. These plants allows you to eradicate the zombies, create peace and maintain this peace.

Your basic unity pf currency is sunlight points in this game. This means that you need sunlight points in order to strengthen your defense by placing the plants. During the gameplay, you should collect all sunlight points that appear randomly on the game screen.

Plant Classes Of Plants vs Zombies

In Plants vs Zombies, one of unblocked games, there are 4 plant classes including bomb flowers, sunflowers, wall-nuts and shooting flowers. Lets check these 4 plant classes that have different abilities and purposes:

  • Bomb Flowers: If a zombie touches one of Bomb flowers, they will explode. You need to use 25 sunlight points in order to place one of them.
  • Sunflowers: When you need additional sunlight points, you should place one sunflower. Because, Sunflowers have the ability to generate additional sunlight points. You need to use 50 sunlight points in order to place one of them.
  • Wall-nuts: Wall-nuts are really hard to defeat because they have the ability to absorb huge damages. For that reason, you can save time by using them. In order to place one of them, you should use 50 sunlight points.
  • Shooting Flowers: This class has the ability to shoot peas at the zombies. In order to place one of them, you should use 100 sunlight points.

How To Play Plants vs Zombies

The gameplay is very easy because you just need to use your mouse. In the game, you will interact the items by using your mouse. In order to place a plant, you should click the left mouse button. Also, in order to collect the sunlight points, you should click the left mouse button.