Plazma Burst

Today’s game is an entertaining platform game, Plazma Burst! This enjoyable platform game, one of unblocked games, has an interesting story. According to its story, the new invention of scientists is a time machine. They invented this machine in order to change the course of events by sending two volunteers to the past with it. If you want to play the game, you will be the one of these volunteers, and you will try to defeat all enemies and rescue some friends. 

Shop Section Of Plazma Burst

In the shop section of the game, you can either purchase new weapons or upgrade current ones. You can purchase rocket launcher, rifle, plasma cannon, armor, shotgun and helmet. Besides that, you can upgrade shotgun, plasma cannon, pistol, rocket launcher, helmet, rifle, electroshock and armor. 

How To Play Plazma Burst

The controls in this platform game are the Shift, G, A, D, S, W, P, enter, space bar and 1 to 9 number keys.

  • A and D keys or Left and Right Arrow: In order to make your character walk left and right, you should just use these keys.
  • Space bar, Up Arrow or W key: In order to jump, you need to choose one of these 3 keys.
  • Shift, Down Arrow or S key: In order to crouch, you need to choose one of these 3 keys.
  • Left mouse button: You should use it mostly for shooting enemies.
  • P key: In order to pause the game, you should press the P key.
  • G key: You need to press the G key for grenade.
  • 1 to 9 number keys: With using these 9 keys, you can choose a weapon. 

Options Section Of Plazma Burst

In this section, there are some settings that you can customize. The level of effects including shells and blood, the level of dead body disappearing, body breaking, background sounds blood and low quality options are the ones of these settings.