Raze is a shooting gam in sun unblocked games. In this game, you will have a variety of weapons and interesting gameplay, and you will try to protect the world from aliens. 

How To Play Raze

After starting Raze, one of unblocked games, you should create your profile by selecting one of 20 characters and your expression types. There are 9 types of expression including silent, gamer, alien, military, zombie, robot, angry, 1337 and noob. When you create your profile, you will see that there are 2 playing modes. These modes are campaign and quick match. You should start the game by choosing one of them. 

The movement controls are the Arrow keys, W, D, S, A and space bar.

  • Arrow keys or W, D, S, A: To control your character, you should these keys.
  • Space bar, Up Arrow or W key: to jump, you need to choose one of these 3 keys. For double jump, you should press one of these keys twice.  

The shooting controls is the left mouse button.

  • Left mouse button: You can aim and shoot the target with the mouse. 

The selecting weapons controls are the 0 to 9 number keys, Q, E, Enter and Shift keys.

  • 0 to 9 number keys: To select specific weapon, you should use the number keys.
  • Q and E keys: To select specific weapon, you should press these keys.
  • Enter and Shift keys: To switch weapons, you should press these keys.

The pausing controls are the Tab, P and Ctrl keys.

  • P and Ctrl keys: These keys let you pause the game.
  • Tab key: This key allows you to show the score.

Achievements Of Raze

In this enjoyable game, there are 10 achievements and here are these 10 achievements:

  • Like a boss: getting the top score in a deathmatch on the hardest difficulty. 
  • Untouchable: completing a quick match on harder or medium twice.
  • Hero of war: completing the human campaign. 
  • Conqueror of races: completing the alien campaign. 
  • Boom, headshot!: getting 50 headshot kills. 
  • Addicted: playing a total of 50 matches.
  • Mmmm, Pistol Whip: completing a match using only the pistol.
  • Death from beyond the grave: killing an enemy while waiting to respawn. 
  • Indecisive: getting a kill with every weapon in 1 game.
  • Return to sender: killing an enemy with his own sticky grenade that is stuck to you.