Rogue Buddies

Rogue Buddies is an amazing adventure game in sun unblocked games. In this 2D adventure platform game, there are 4 mercenaries which are Smoke, Duster, Alpha Tech and Maximus. Each of them has special skills. You should know them well to have a better game performance. Smoke is a heavy gunner and rocket launcher whereas Duster is a jumping ninja. Besides that, Alpha Tech is a drones specialist and Maximus is grenade and assault specialist. 

How To Play Rogue Buddies

In Rogue Buddies, you can use the C, Z, V, X and Arrow keys as the game controls. The Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow keys are the movement controls. You can use the Z key for the first weapon while you can use the X key for the second weapon. Moreover, you can use the C key for action, and you can use the V key for changing your character.