Secret Agent

Secret Agent is an action and adventure game based on a unique story. Depending on its story, a secret message has been intercepted by some cryptologists, and nobody cannot achieve to crack this message. Therefore, you need to go to Germany to find encrypting machine enigma and transmitter. Also, you need to find all parts of wermach maps. 

How To Play Secret Agent

In Secret Agent, you can use the space bar, Ctrl, A, S, Shift and Arrow keys as the game controls. In order to shoot your enemies, you can use one of the Ctrl and S keys. Moreover, you can use one of space bar and A keys in order to make your character to jump. If you want to make your character to climb, you can use either the Down Arrow key or Up Arrow key. As you can walk around by pressing the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys, you can make your character to run by using the combination of the Arrow keys and Shift keys.