Short Life

Short Life will show you how life can be short! This is one of interesting platform games in sun unblocked games. During the gameplay, you will see lots of dangerous traps on your middle aged male character’s path. Thus, you should step every carefully and try to stay alive. As you can see, in this platform game, your mission is to guide this male character throughout a bunch of 16 challenging levels. 

For each level, you will have a variety of fatal obstacles including mines, spikes and some other devastating traps. If you fall into any traps, the game screen will cover with your character’s body pieces and his blood. Therefore, if you have no tolerance for violence scenes, you should take a look at other games in sun unblocked games or be really careful about avoiding the obstacles. You can achieve this by jumping over the mines, looking out for other destroying traps and avoiding touch the spikes.  

Besides that, you will see not only the obstacles but also stars on your path in Short Life. Remember, you should collect all stars in order to complete each level. 

How To Play Short Life

The game controls are the P, Down Arrow, R, Left Arrow, A, Right Arrow, D and Up Arrow. 

  • P key: The P key allows you to pause this platform game.
  • Down Arrow: The Down Arrow should be used to crouch. 
  • D key: The D key allows you to move him to right side
  • Left Arrow: The Left Arrow let you move him to left side.
  • A key: The A key let you move him to left side.
  • Right Arrow: The Right Arrow allows you to move him to right side.
  • Up Arrow: The Up Arrow should be used for jumping. 
  • R key: You can use the R key for reloading.