Super Fighters

Super Fighters is a fighting and an action game at the same time. Its theme is about fighters smashing, mashing, blowing, burning shooting and stabbing each other. As you can guess, your goal in this fighting game is to fight against some opponents and survive. You should know that you will battle over and over during the gameplay. When you defeat one opponent, you will see other in front of you to battle. This is game’s flow!

Playing Modes Of Super Fighters

In Super Fighters, one of unblocked games, there are 2 main categories about the gameplay options. These 2 main categories are 1 player mode and 2 players mode. Besides that, each of these categories consists of 3 options. These 3 options are Survival mode, VS mode and Stage mode.

With Survival Mode

If you select the Survival Mode, you need to battle wave after wave of fighters during a specified time after choosing your fighter. Do I need to say you should survive? 

With VS Mode

When you select this mode, you will battle against up to 7 fighters. There are 7 character that you can select. These characters are Mac, Boris, Billy, Johnny, Scott, Jeff and Agent. Also, you can choose a stage. The game offers 6 stages including police station, storage, backstreets, testing floor, rooftop and hazardous. 

With Stage Mode

If you choose this mode, you need to complete 12 maps. This means that you will have 12 challenges. When you complete each challenge, you will have a new player skin. Like the VS Mode, you can also choose your fighter in this mode.

How To Play Super Fighters

The game controls are the N, M “.”, “,” and Arrow keys for the first player. They are the 1, 2, 3, 4 and D, S, W and A keys for the second player. 

  • Arrow keys and D, S, W, A keys: These keys should be used to move the fighters.
  • N and 1 keys: These keys are for melee.
  • M and 2 keys: These keys are for shooting.
  • “,” and 3 key: These are for grenade.
  • “.” and 4 key: These are for power ups.