Swing Soccer

Swing Soccer is an unblocked football game in sun unblocked games. The game differs from all other classic football games with the fact that your player will swing a rope. As we need to talk about your mission in this football game, it is to try to play soccer in that rope condition. 

How To Play Swing Soccer

In Swing Soccer, the first player can use the Q, X, space bar, A, W, D and S keys as the game controls while the second player can use the Enter, Shift and Arrow keys as the game controls. The Arrow keys and A, W, D, S keys are for swinging. The players can swing left and right by using the A, D and Left, Right Arrow keys whereas they can move up and down by using the W, S and Up, Down Arrow keys. When the players want to release the ropes, they can use the space bar and Shift keys. Finally, they can kill themselves by using the Enter, X and Q keys.