The Impossible Quiz 2

If you achieve to beat The Impossible Quiz, now time for The Impossible Quiz 2 that is extended second installment of this crazy quiz series! Like the first installment, you will again try to beat lots of questions in this second installment. Unlike the older version, this time you have a new Power-up, questions, visuals and scenarios.  

When you start the quiz, you will realize that this installment has enhanced game graphics. If you prefer to take the quiz with low graphics quality, you can toggle the quality by pressing the Q button on the game screen. Like the older version, during the gameplay, you will take lots of tasks, questions, mini games and mazes. However, this time, you will see some questions with visuals and scenarios. 

How To Play The Impossible Quiz 2

While playing The Impossible Quiz 2, one of unblocked games, you have 120 questions and 5 lives. You should save all of your 5 lives by answering the questions correctly. Because if you lose all of them, you will lose the quiz and the game is over. Yes, you heard right! With these 5 lives, you should go through end of the quiz by answering correctly in one take because the game does not present checkpoints. Nevertheless, here is good news for you! It presents power-ups. 

There are two types of power-ups in the game. The first one is Skip that let you skip some task and questions. If you took the first quiz, you should know them. There will be 3 Skips in this second quiz. You should collect all of these 3 Skips and use them in time. The second one is fresh power-up called as Fusestopper. Fusestoppers are purple creatures. They sleeps most of time because they are too lazy. However, if they feel a bomb, they will wake up to defuse it. Thus, you can use Fusestoppers to answer the questions with bombs relievedly. There will be 3 Fusestoppers in this quiz.