The Impossible Quiz

Hello, everyone! Now, time for quiz! The Impossible Quiz is a really challenging quiz that can be found on the web. This quiz was created by an android game developer called as Splapp-me-do. Generally, the game developer presents this game as a game of answers and questions. Therefore, during the gameplay, you will have many questions and tasks. The questions will be presented by four or more options. You need to find the correct one by clicking on it, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds because all questions and tasks are tricky. They are no clear, they have double meanings, tricks and puns.    

How To Play The Impossible Quiz

In The Impossible Quiz, you have 110 questions and 3 lives. If you give a wrong answer, you will lose one of your lives. When you lose all of them, you will lose the game. After passing a certain number of tasks and questions, you will have rewards called as Skips. Skips are green arrow shaped power-ups. These power-ups allow you to skip some questions and tasks, but not all of them. Because, some questions are unskippable. 

Besides that, some of them are questions with bombs. You will have 1 to 10 seconds to answer that kind of questions. Hence, you should be very fast about reading, thinking and answering these questions. 

Some Advices About The Impossible Quiz  

Here are some beneficial advices about the quiz, one of unblocked games, for you:

  • During the quiz, you should collect all 7 Skips, and you should save them for beating the question 110.
  • You should be very careful about questions with bombs. Because bombs have timers, you have limited time to answer those questions. 
  • First, you should read the questions carefully, and you should think about them intensely. 
  • You should be ready for some mini games and mazes. You need some skills and good reflexes.