The Worlds Hardest Game 3

Click and play Spanish version: El Juego Mas Dificil Del Mundo 3

Worlds Hardest Game 3 is one of exciting puzzle game in sun unblocked games. This puzzle game was developed by Stevie Critoph. In this hardest puzzle game, you need to control a red cube in order to go to the destination safely by collecting all coins in the game map. The challenges in this game are the blue cubes. These cubes move very fast in the game field. You should avoid to touch these blue cubes. Because you will lose the game when you touch one of them.

How To Play Worlds Hardest Game 3

In Worlds Hardest Game 3, you can use the Arrow keys and your mouse as the game controls. You can move your red cube to the save green zones by using the Arrow keys and your mouse.