Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter is a really enjoyable arcade game based on thumb fights, traditional schoolyard challenges. You know thumb fights, right! You have played thumb fights at least once. If you like thumb challenges, you can continue that by playing this game.   

This one of unblocked games has really cute graphics and characters. Before starting the game, you can select one of 23 characters. These characters are following:

  • BatThumb
  • Bandage
  • Blinky
  • Bobbie
  • Che
  • Creep
  • Chanfle
  • Diana
  • Frida
  • Guardian
  • Green Bro
  • Headache
  • Jay
  • Margaret
  • Marilyne Monroe
  • Mounty
  • Monk
  • Ninja
  • Prince
  • PewPie
  • Red Bro
  • Soldier
  • Queen Elizabeth

How To Play Thumb Fighter

After starting Thumb Fighter, you should choose your thumb character from 23 options. Then, you should choose the playing mode from 2 different playing options. These options are player vs computer mode and player vs player mode. 

In the player vs computer mode, the game controls are the A key and left mouse button. 

  • A key and left mouse button: You can use one of these 2 keys in order to attack computer’s thumb character. When you press one of them each time, your thumb character will use his or her head to knock down other. 

In the player vs player mode, the game controls are the A key and L key.

  • A key: The A key is the attack key of first player.
  • L key: The L key is the attack key of second player.

Some Advices About Thumb Fighter

  • In this thumb challenge, each match consists of 2 rounds. When you draw with the opponent, there will be a third round that is final round. My advice is to be winner of first 2 rounds, so you will not need to play the third round. 
  • After achieving to hit other thumb character, you should try to hold it by holding your attack key. Because, this will result in more damage. When you cause damage, the other thumb’s HP bar will decrease. If the HP bar drops to zero, you will be the winner of match.