Vex 2

Vex series that is the exciting stickman action game series is now in sun unblocked games. Lets star with playing the second installment, my favorite, instead of the first! As you can guess, in this stickman action game, Vex 2, you will control a stickman. Your purpose is to guide and help your character to find some magical doors in each level. I know it sound too easy, but believe me it is not because there will be many obstacles on your path. As you can see, there is also a survival theme, here! Therefore, in order to accomplish your goal, you need to survive first, and in order to survive you need to overcome the obstacles by sliding, jumping and climbing in this platform.  

Vex 2 has 9 challenging levels, 1 tutorial and 1 vexation. Thus, you will totally have 11 levels in the game. Playing the tutorial level may be good idea to get instructions and master the game controls. I can easily say that this is the easiest level of the game, but other 9 levels are quite hard to play. While playing these 9 levels, you should try to show your best game performance. 

How To Play Vex 2

During the gameplay of Vex 2, one of unblocked games, you should generally use your keyboard. The game controls are the S key and Arrow keys.

  • S: You can use this in order to slide down.
  • Left Arrow: You can press this in order to move left.
  • Up Arrow: You can press this one in order to jump.
  • Down Arrow: You can press the key in order to slide down.
  • Right Arrow: You can use it in order to move right. 

When you are in the water, you should use the Arrow keys to swim. 

  • Left Arrow: With this key, you can turn left under the water.
  • Right Arrow: With this key, you can turn right under the water. 
  • Up Arrow: With this one, you can swim forward.
  • Down Arrow: With this one, you can swim backward.