Whack Your Boss

Sometimes, you may need to take revenge on someone. I think this someone is generally your boss. However, in the real life, we know that it is not possible. Sun unblocked games makes this possible for you with Whack Your Boss, one of unblocked games. Now, it is time for getting out all of your frustration and anger about your boss and work environment by torturing your boss. Your mission is to relaxing by finding possible ways to whack your boss in this game.  

The game is very popular not because of having many challenges but because of arousing curiosity of many players. Generally, players are curious about the endings that each of torturing ways has. There are many well-animated bad endings of your boss. Lets test the ways and see results! 

How To Play Whack Your Boss

Like all other Whack Your series, you should click everywhere on the game screen to find torturing objects in also Whack Your Boss. Yes, the gameplay is as easy as it sounds.

Advices About Whack Your Boss 

If you have trouble with finding torturing objects in the game, you can check the list of these objects. Here is the list of the objects:

  • You can find a stapler on your office desk.
  • There is a computer monitor on your office desk. 
  • You can find a ruler on your office desk.
  • There is a coffee mug on your office desk.
  • You can find a garbage can next to your office desk.
  • There is a keyboard next to your computer. 
  • You can use your fists.
  • You can find a scissors.
  • There is an umbrella next to your office desk. 
  • You can find a golf club. 
  • There is a water barrel outside of your office.
  • You can find a clock outside of your office.
  • Your boss has a belt.
  • You have a briefcase.
  • There is a telephone cord on your office desk.
  • You can find a letter opener.
  • Your boss has a pencil.