Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex is one of incredibly enjoyable installments of Whack Your series. In this one of unblocked games 66, you are lucky to have a chance to get rid of all of your anger and inner frustration about your ex by torturing man or woman characters of the game. Your mission in the game that is to insult and whack your ex with as many different ways as possible is not like an obligation, it is like a pleasure. In order to accomplish your mission, you should find the possible different ways to torture your ex by clicking items on the game screen.  

Each of touring ways has unique violence scenes and endings, so you will want to find all of them, and see the unique endings. As you can see the game has no level or challenge because this is not a game about leveling up and challenging with others. This is a game about stress relieving, so you’re welcome for the free online therapy. When you feel ready for taking revenge on your ex without harming any soul, you can start the game. 

How To Play Whack Your Ex

The only thing that you should do during the game is click all 17 items on the game screen in order to to see the results of them. 

Advices About Whack Your Ex

As I mentioned earlier, there are 17 ways, so 17 objects for torturing your ex. You can use all of these ways by interacting with these objects. You just need to click on them. Here is the list of these 17 objects:

  • Blue gift box
  • Dagger
  • Car
  • Poop gun
  • Shoe
  • Pink gift box
  • Woman
  • Laptop
  • Brick
  • Control stick
  • Chocolate box
  • Chair 
  • Punch
  • Hood
  • Plane
  • Court shoe 
  • Credit card

Half of these tools can be used for man character, and other half can be used for woman character. Hence, first of all, you should decided who you want to take revenge on. After that, you can start to test the tools and relieve.